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Vows Renewals

Renewing your vows is a pure celebration of who you both are and the journey you have been on together as well as  the dreams you aspire to in the future.


It is a wonderful way to reaffirm in front of family and friends, your shared love and commitment to one another. It can be a very moving and touching thing to witness and guests can leave quite inspired.


There are no legal aspects to the day, so even more than a wedding, a vows renewal ceremony can be exactly what you would like it to be and incorporate whatever elements you wish to include.


So, if you wished you had danced down the aisle to Hendrix’s Foxy Lady (as I did at my own wedding) or wished you had sung a song or broken out into a choreographed dance routine at your original wedding and didn’t dare, then now is the time to do it!


The most successful vows renewal is one that has an element of fun injected into it as well as the romantic.


Above all it is a unique and special day,  as your celebrant I will work with you to ensure it encompasses all the elements you wish, plus maybe even a little bit more.


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