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How far in advance should I plan?

How far in advance should you book?

That is a very good question that I am often asked.

Well, that really depends on you. The shortest period of time I’ve ever had between an enquiry and the ceremony was just over a week.

This were unusual circumstances though due to the fact that the family member they had thought was able to marry them, was suddenly unable to for personal reasons. The poor bride rang me in a panic, hoping I would be able to help and was extremely relieved to find out that I could. No bride needs that kind of stress just before her big day.

To give you an indication of my bookings, my busiest months are December, January, February and March. The most popular days are, unsurprisingly, Saturday’s, with Friday’s being a close second and then the occasional Sunday.

The best way to check my availability is to send me a quick email and I can let you know very quickly if the date is available. If I’m already committed to another ceremony I will be able to suggest another excellent celebrant or two for you to check out.

So, in answer to the question ‘how far in advance to book?’ I would suggest you enquire as soon as you’ve chosen your date. I’m always happy to pencil in dates until we’ve had an initial meeting and you’re ready to confirm.

Happy Planning!!!

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