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Baby Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a truly beautiful way to welcome a new child into the world and particularly to your family.


It is something that can be designed to reflect you as a family, your wishes and hopes for the child. There is nothing quite as special as acknowledging in front of family and friends how much you love and desire for your child to have a long and happy life.


Naming ceremonies can also be appropriate as a welcoming ceremony for older children perhaps the joining of families and or an adoption.


There are no legal requirements and it is a non-religious ceremony that can be uniquely designed to fit the child and your family. It is a way of including all the special people you hope to be a part of the child’s life and although it isn’t religious many families also choose to appoint God Parents at this ceremony.


I would be more than happy to incorporate any elements of religion, arts or culture into this ceremony to make it unique and special to you and your family.



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